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Campaigns2Plan is a web-based platform for collaborative planning and execution of direct marketing campaigns. The intuitive user interface enables all users to check the current status of their campaign any time – and to change it. Changes to campaigns can be highlighted so that everybody becomes aware of them. Thanks to the calendar view users always have maximum insight while also being able to get details and list views. To make sure you really don’t miss anything reminder e-mails keep you up to date.

small and medium businesses

For small and medium businesses
Campaign management can be so efficient!

Are you a company without a CRM software that has an integrated campaign planning functionality? If so, Campaigns2Plan could be the right solution for you! This easy-to-use web tool is the perfect partner for campaign managers. Plan your campaigns online – when you want, where you want and with whom you want! Thanks to Campaigns2Plan you and your colleagues will always be up to date on your planned campaigns – making managing complex campaign series as easy as checking your e-mail.

For large and international businesses

For large and international businesses
Your CRM. Integrated with Campaigns2Plan.

As a large company you very likely have a high-performance CRM-platform installed, which allows for campaign planning on the side. The thing is: your campaigns will very likely be managed by different teams in different locations – and those teams probably also have different systems for their campaign planning in place. If that is the case Campaigns2Plan can help you! This sleek collaboration tool gives you maximum transparency and requires only minimal effort – regardless of your existing CRM infrastructure. As a marketing manager in the U.S., do you want to know if your colleague in Canada has already developed a campaign for a specific topic, which could be adapted for the U.S. market? One look at Campaigns2Plan will give you the answer. Do you want to know on which date you can send out your event invitation throughout the Americas without colliding with an important regional campaign? Just ask Campaigns2Plan. And when you’ve found the best date for your campaign go ahead and reserve it so that everyone can see in Campaigns2Plan.

Efficient collaboration

Efficient collaboration with external vendors
Internal stays internal.
Everything else you will find in C2P.

You might have experienced this problem: you are using company-internal planning tools for your campaign management and cannot give your external vendors access since that would expose your sensitive corporate data (e.g. budget information). This usually results in e-mails being sent back and forth with the campaign plans attached in various formats. Campaigns2Plan ends this time consuming offline planning of campaigns. Discover a new dimension of efficient collaboration with your vendors! With Campaigns2Plan all people involved will always be up to date on the current campaign status – live and from anywhere. And all sensitive company information stays internal, without compromise.