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Elastic Lead Funnel – uncover the maximum sales potential

With ELF:platform by Publicare no sales potential goes unnoticed as the solution combines a high-performance data warehouse (ELF:transform) with high-end analytics software (ELF:assess). The combination of the two converts a large quantity of various user response data into sales-relevant information. ELF:platform offers a lead nurturing process based on data that could not be more diverse and plentiful: the whole range of behavior-based interest indicators is covered. Time spent reading e-mails, clicks, duration of website visits, shares on social media platforms, e-mail forwards and many more are bundled into a specific lead score per product or offering. So now you won’t loose sight of potential leads who prefer not to give you any ‘hard’ response signals e.g. by completing a registration form.


For Your Sales Team:
High-quality leads at the right time

ELF is short for Elastic Lead Funnel and the solution’s maximum flexibility is key. Sophisticated rating mechanisms extract the exact right number of high-quality leads for your sales team to follow up on – of course only for those products that are currently at the center of your marketing and sales activities. This creates a win-win situation: the efficient integration of marketing and sales makes for better Key Performance Indicators for your marketing AND your sales team.

Cross Channel

For Your Marketing Team:
Tailor-made campaigns

With ELF:platform you can go a step further than simple campaign targeting guided by profile data such as gender, age or job title by creating targeting based on actual behavior. Multi-dimensional response analysis and predictive modeling uncover behavioral patterns from which you can determine specific customer needs and discover opportunities for cross and up-selling. Go ahead and use ELF:platform for cross-media campaign planning: you will learn more about interests and preferences of your contacts and you will give them the desired offer at the right time through their preferred channel. Plus, various e-mail platforms can be seamlessly integrated with ELF – so that you can trigger your automated campaigns directly from the analytics platform.


For Your Customers:
User experience without road bumps

First and foremost ELF offers your e-mail contacts a user experience without any road bumps. Through methodical gathering and analysis of ‘soft’ indicators of interest, ELF:platform makes sure that you don’t need to ask your contacts to complete annoying web forms at various stages of the lead nurturing process and can rather give them unobstructed access to your online content. High drop-off rates and missed opportunities will become a thing of the past.


For your Management:
Support for market analysis

Market research based on the actual interactions of customers and leads is often more exact and reliable than traditional research methods, such as surveys. Would you like to know which topics are really of interest for a target group? Has there been a rise or decline in interest for a specific product lately? And are there any significant trends in the behavior of your newsletter subscribers and website visitors? ELF:platform delivers all this information right to your doorstep – and supports you in a realistic assessment of the market with facts that do not originate from surveys, but rather from real-life actions.

Tetris Implementierung

For Your Company:
Individual setup

ELF:platform with its elements ELF:transform and ELF:assess gives you a flexible solution for tackling and analyzing ‘big data’. We set up ELF:platform according to the individual requirements of every client.