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First-class service communication for your customers. First-class customer information for you.

In your store, your call center, in the field, or at a trade show: make sure that after saying “good bye” in person your contact doesn’t just forget about you. Follow up seamlessly with an e-mail instead! The online solution Forms2Interact allows your employees at all points of contact to send out highly personalized and professional looking e-mails with only a couple of clicks. This saves you huge amounts of time and, in addition, you gather valuable information about customers or prospects by capturing their business information and measuring their responses to your follow-up.

Auf Wiedersehen - Guten Tag

“Good bye” in the store
– “hi there” in the inbox

Your employees at the point of sale, in call centers, and at trade shows simply don’t have the time to constantly follow up with customers by writing personal e-mails. The dialog that had just started is now interrupted when a customer leaves the store, hangs up the phone, or goes to check out the neighboring booth at the trade show. This is why Publicare developed Forms2Interact. This web platform with integrated content management and e-mail marketing functionality enables you to quickly and flexibly create customized e-mails using a construction kit system, in which you merely have to select the building blocks of texts and images you want to include in your communication. Give your employees a flexible tool that allows for a personal message to be included in an e-mail that is assured to deliver recurring elements in a quick and unified way.

Cross Channel

Use all channels
– seamlessly and effectively

Forms2Interact enables precisely targeted and seamless communication across multiple channels. At the same time this web platform gathers and structures customer data and its integrated tracking mechanism allows you to follow the customer journey from the first contact to the actual sale. Using this logic you can easily attribute sales to certain reps by following the conversion process in detail, regardless of where the customer makes his purchase – “offline” in one of your stores, online in your web shop, or by phone through your call center.


Find out who wants to find out more about you

Would you like to know exactly which contacts show interest in one of your offerings and when he does it? With Forms2Interact you can get all this information. With easy-to-use web forms you employees can capture data instantly and efficiently during a call. All this data is then structured automatically and saved in a database. The contact history shows your activity-based customer data - across channels. For example, you can see who opened or clicked on a certain link in your follow-up emails and also what those contacts did in subsequent visits to your website. All this newly won data can be analyzed for you to gain maximum insight into customer interests.

f2i Integration

Integration with your current system?
Just tell us how you want it.

Company specific requirements and data infrastructures require made-to-fit solutions. Forms2Interact is designed as a flexible and easily adaptable solution so that integration with your current system is as simple as possible. Not only can you seamlessly integrate Forms2Interact with your current data systems, but also use it as a stand-alone solution without connecting. Through a thorough analysis of your customer contact points and your database infrastructure we assist you in finding the best setup for your business.

Leichtes Leben

Make life a little easier
for your employees

Your sales reps and customer acquisition workforce will thank you for implementing Forms2Interact because follow-up communication after customer contact has become a breeze. Pre-defined, selectable, and editable text elements significantly reduce the time and effort needed for this. The integrated preview functionality gives your employees great usability by displaying the e-mails they are crafting in real time.