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Publicare Marketing Communications

Agency for the Digital Dialog

Publicare was established in 1994 as a full-service marketing agency. Since 2001 we have successfully specialized on dialog centered digital marketing – especially email marketing, online marketing and database marketing. Amongst our clients are international corporations with a global reach, as well as medium-sized businesses. We aspire to create tailor-made solutions for all our clients that align with existing business targets and KPIs, that are sustainable and that take into consideration all facets of marketing communications within a customer's communications environment. Publicare is headquartered in Frankfurt am Main, Germany – and also has an office in Fairport, NY.

Email Marketing

Our Power for Your Campaigns

We are one of the most experienced service providers in the field of email marketing. Regardless of the professional email distribution platform our clients select we offer services from consulting to platform training and support, all the way up to full-service email marketing. Currently more than 1 Billion emails are distributed via accounts maintained by Publicare – per month. The experience and expertise of our staff enables us to make anything out of your emails – anything but spam!

Creativity Meets Technology

Our service pays off for our clients. We offer two things: creative minds and innovative technology. That is why we follow all technical developments in the field of email marketing very closely and always try to think one step ahead. Through this approach we offer innovative and high-class products and solutions – for attractive campaigns and a high ROI.


Your campaigns are in good hands with us. Concept creation, text & graphics, translation & localization, coding & production, list management, international distribution, reply management or response analysis: We make sure that our client's campaigns receive optimal response rates and that marketing goals are easily met.

Automation & Cross-Channel-Integration

Automated lifecycle campaigns, transactional emails, integrated event communication, sales & service communications? Ask us! Our experts will assist you in creating communication concepts, implementing solutions and monitoring complex automated, cross-media campaigns.

Behavioral Targeting & Predictive Modelling

We love data! We perform analysis and tests to improve open and click rates and implement tailor-made behavioral targeting and predictive modeling solutions for data-driven marketing strategies. This is how we improve your response rates and optimize conversions.

Opt-In & Deliverability

Publicare implements opt-in processes for a quicker and more sustainable list growth. And to make sure that your email campaigns make it to your recipients' inboxes we offer a list cleaning service to remove known spam traps and trash addresses from your list. Additionally our deliverability experts offer solutions for blacklisting issues and whitelisting questions, thus guaranteeing good deliverability.

Mobile Templates & Account-Services

We design and program email templates that are easy to use and allow you to create email campaigns as quickly as possible. To ensure that your emails display correctly on mobile devices we offer solutions ranging from mobile aware templates to responsive design templates. With our broad portfolio of account services we can ensure optimized display on various email distribution platforms.

Email Service Providers

The Publicare email specialists work with numerous professional B2B and B2C email distribution platforms such as emarsys, Bronto, CleverReach, Mailchimp, Salesforce, Experian, Adobe, Act-on, Eloqua and many more.

Web-Applications and Online-Marketing

Publicare develops customized web applications and online solutions for your marketing, sales and service communication – ranging from a single event landing page to a complete partner portal. Some of our web based solutions include:

  • Cross-Channel-Coordination: Solutions for integration, optimization and monitoring of multi-channel communications processes.
  • Seamless User-Experience: Applications for holistic sales and service communications at multiple Points of Sale and Points of Service.
  • Collaboration for Lead and Customer Care Management: Solutions for easy process control through multiple user groups (marketing manager, service and sales representatives…).
  • Partner Communication: Custom-built communication portals for partner communications.

Database Marketing

Data Driven Marketing Strategies for Smart Campaigns

Intelligent marketing communication requires reliable data. Merging a large amount of data from various sources and evaluating it quickly is the cornerstone of being able to send relevant offers at the right time, to the right group of recipients. By doing this you can react to your customers' and prospects' preferences in real time and turn “cold” leads into “hot” leads with a high probability of converting to customers. Our know how will help you seize this opportunity: we will map out the processes relevant to your organization. Our BI-solution, ELF:platform - which is based on Apteco FastStats, offers the perfect technical foundation for extensive RFV-analysis, segmentation, profiling, behavioral targeting, predictive modeling and much more – all by drag-and-drop. In addition, we customize the technical and creative setup to deliver the most promising automated campaigns. Our continuous monitoring and dynamic adaptation of processes for ongoing optimization is part of our services.

Products & Solutions

Here we introduce some of our products and services that have helped our clients master their challenges in digital marketing effectively and efficiently. Perhaps you will find a suitable solution for your organization.


Our solution for event communication combines your existing email marketing platform with a powerful event CMS. This renders an additional event platform unnecessary. Thanks to our flexible CMS kit customized event microsites can easily be set up without programming know how while always adhering to your corporate identity.

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With ELF:platform no lead potential remains uncovered. The solution combines a powerful data warehouse (ELF:transform) with a high-end analytics software (ELF:assess). This is how we can turn behavior-based indications of interest into sales relevant data.

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Experience a new dimension of collaboration with your colleagues and vendors – with Campaigns2Plan, the web platform for joint planning and management of your direct marketing campaigns. With this solution all parties involved have the full overview of their campaigns at all times.

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With Forms2Interact you can create professional emails and distribute them to each individual person you have contacted – regardless of whether the contact happened in a store, through a call center, out in the field or at a trade show. The flexible content pieces save your employees time and helps them generate high quality leads and response data for further lead nurturing activities.

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Live content in emails? This makes people think of product recommendations in newsletters, along the lines of: ‘Customers who have bought X also showed interest in Y.’ Starting now you can take into consideration even more contextual information at the time of open. Just imagine: live content that considers where the recipient is located, at what time an email is read, if it's raining, what time it is and how long your current coupon or your offer of the day is still valid. This is exactly what Picsonal offers

Make your email content dynamic


Online events with Citrix GoToWebinar are an important tool for many companies in their effort to generate and qualify leads. Processing registration and attendee data quickly and efficiently is key. However, some CRMs and marketing automation platforms do not offer a direct interface to GoToWebinar. With Leads2Export Publicare offers an efficient web service to quickly export leads from GoToWebinar for further processing. With Leads2Export you can assemble all data in the format you need for upload into your CRM or sales database – with a single click.

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